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Dean’s greetings

The university, faculty, and students will
cooperate in harmony to open the new future.

South Korea’s economic growth has been based on the hardware-centered manufacturing industry.
However, the current industrial structure that is focused on the manufacturing industry has shown its limit, and if  a new paradigm is not found, everything we have achieved so far may crumble down. Computer and software are recognized again as the key technology to shift our industry, which has been heavily dependent on manufacturing to a knowledge-based industry. The government is also investing aggressively along with their drive for talent cultivation.

Under these circumstances, our university founded the College of Software Convergence in 2017. The existing
Department of Computer Engineering has expanded and has renewed itself as the Division of Software. The Division of
Software operates a curriculum which has built up the contents of education in accordance with the demands from
industries, instead of the theory-centered university education of the past. Especially, the six key areas of high demand
among industries (AI, Data Science, IoT, Cyber Security, System Software, and Software Engineering) were selected as the
focus behind our efforts to train specialized talents in these areas.

The Division of Software was first founded as the Department of Computer Engineering in 1985. Over the 30 years of its
history, our department trained many talented software engineers to contribute to the progress of South Korea's software industry significantly. While we were training skilled workers according to what the employers demanded, we are now starting to train new talents, that have a potential to develop themselves like Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg, who can establish their start-ups and grow them into big global companies.

Again, the university, faculty, and students will do our best and cooperate in harmony to make this happen.
Thank you for your support!
Scott Uk-Jin Lee, Department Chair, School of Computer Science
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