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Major in Computer

Our Major in Computer program provides Specialized education program for the field of computer engineering. Especially, the major includes curricula for fields with higher
demands in industries, such as cyber security, IoT, and System SW. These three are selected as the specialization tracks and train expert talents that industries need.
  • The cyber security track that cultivates talents who can address various cyber security issues such as network security and system security and will lead the security field in South Korea and the world beyond.
  • The IoT track that cultivates the talents who will understand the intelligent ‘things’ and lead the smart era based on various background knowledge.
  • The System SW track that trains experts of systems, which are the foundation for all, based on understanding on hardware and software.

Career paths

Security expert; embedded system software developer; IoT expert; developer for IT companies and researchers, developers for specialized software development company and
researchers; portal sites companies; online and mobile game developer;mobile software developer; digital contents developer; professor; middle school and high school teachers.