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[School News] Another team in the Department of Computer Engineering chosen for BK21+ program
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On December 23, Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea jointly designated the High Reliability Smart IoT System Talent Training Team (Team Leader: Sunghyun Cho, Participating faculty members: Sungjoo Park, Younghoon Kim, and Jongwon Yoon) of Department of Computer Engineering, ERICA Campus, Hanyang University as the new project team.

Meanwhile, the interim evaluation for BK21+ program for this year was conducted in two phases.The existing 544 project groups or teams that were selected in 2013 were evaluated with their performances. As a result, the 277 groups (teams) in the upper 50% zone were re-selected, and the bottom 50% was put to a competition with the new applicant teams or groups. As a result, 269 project teams and groups were selected from these candidate groups.

* BK21+ Project : To ensure that the new generation of researchers may concentrate on their studies to lead the way for Creative Economy, the government has been investing around 269.7 billion won annually for this seven-year program since 2013. Owing to this project, there are 13,000 researchers in the science and technology field and 2,500 researchers in humanities and social studies field are receiving grants, totaling to 15,500 talents with a Master's Degree or a Doctoral Degree. If they are finally selected as a result of the interim evaluation, the existing groups will continue to be eligible to the grant until 2020. And, in the case of newly selected project groups, they will be receiving grants from 2016 till 2020.

Source : Hanyang News Portal

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