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[School News] Department of Computer Engineering, top 200 universities of the world in 2016 QS World University Es
Writer : 관리자 ( )   Date : 17.06.21   Hits : 2360  

On 21st of the last month, QS, a university evaluation organization, announced the ranking of the World University Evaluation for 2016. This year, Hanyang University has 15 sectors in top 200 universities and it has one more than they did last year.

QS announces the ranking on its website(http://www.topuniversities.com)every year, which it announces individually from 1st to 50th and by groups of 50 from 51st.

Hanyang University has had its 15 sectors in top 200 universities, among which the Department of Computer Engineering is ranked between 151st and 200th.

Source : http://www.newshyu.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=20319

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