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[Hall of fame] Chanyeong Park, Selected for the Global Ph.D Fellowship Program
Writer : 관리자 ( )   Date : 17.07.24   Hits : 3437  

Mr. Chanyeong Park, a student in the CPS Lab, has been selected for the 2017 Global Ph.D Fellowship Program organized by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea.


Global Ph.D Fellowship is a program to cultivate world-class doctoral talents. This program is open to the new students and existing students who are in doctoral courses or Master-Doctor Integrated Courses in domestic graduate schools. Through this program, the government provides support to these researchers so that they can concentrate on their academic pursuit to grow into high-level research talents, with a view to train key science and technology R&D talents for the country.

Mr. Chanyeong Park, who was selected for this year’s program will be receiving 3 million won per year as a research grant for the next two years. With this grant, he is planning to carry on with his study project, “Development of Cold Storage That Can Be Serviced and Reliable.”



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